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Author: Ian Walthew

Publication date: 1 December 2014

Price (including postage and packaging and gift wrapping where requested)
£20 | €27 | AUS$43 | NZ$46 | US$37 | CAN$43

Email us:

Please email books@bagshawe.co.uk with your name and address, stating how many copies you would like to receive. We will invoice you by Paypal after we have sent you the book(s) (Publication date 1 December, 2014).
You will not need to have a Paypal account to pay this invoice, you only need a credit or debit card.

or by cheque:

If you would prefer to pre-pay for your order by a U.K. Sterling cheque, please make your cheque payable to Bagshawe Books and send it to Bagshawe Books, 368 City Road, London EC1V 2QA along with your name and address and the total number of copies you would like to buy written on the reverse side of the cheque. Alternatively you can always download our order form here:
download the PDF order form

Gift-wrapped books for Christmas:

Please download the PDF order form here, complete it on-screen, save the PDF, and return it to: books@bagshawe.co.uk as an email attachment. We will invoice you by PayPal after we have sent you the book(s). Alternatively, you can print it and return it to us with a cheque.
Gift copies are wrapped in seasonal paper and include a gift card. Exterior packaging bears instructions “Not to open before Christmas”. All prices include P&P and gift wrapping.